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  • http://www.katinabags.com/collections/go-girl-carrier-mini
    Go Girl Mini

    The Go Girl Carrier Mini™ - an everyday tote wonder. Small, yet spacious. Pockets galore with places to hold your phone, tablet, wallet, cards, water, pens and lip gloss.

  • http://www.katinabags.com/collections/go-girl-carrier-mod
    Go Girl Mod

    The Go Girl Carrier Mod™ - one bag, so many options. Perfect for working women and super moms. Tote your laptop and work gear during the week, diapers and doo-dads on the weekend.

  • http://www.katinabags.com/collections/katina-bag-organizers
    Bag Organizers

    Katina Bag Organizers are THE best for the woman on-the-go who wants to feel put together and organized while on the move.

  • http://www.katinabags.com/collections/gogirlcarrier
    Go Girl Carrier

    The Go Girl Carrier™ is a luxe laptop tote with a superior pocket system.This is the most stylish and functional laptop carrier you'll ever find.

  • http://www.katinabags.com
    Go-Girl Luxe

    Get excited for the Luxe collection coming this Fall. Vegan leather for the sophisticated, eco-conscious woman. One bag with superior style and functionality.

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