Functionally focused, high quality, and fashionable tote bags offering organization solutions that meet the needs of today's woman on-the-go.  Whether you're a working woman, mommy on a mission, student about campus, or lady out on the town, a Katina bag is just what you need.
    Designed by a working mother of two little darlings and crafted in Denver, CO.

    Shake off those winter blues with a Katina bag in bright and bold hues!

    It's time to Spring up that wardrobe ladies.  And a bag is the perfect accessory to do just that.  Shake off those winter blues with one of my bags in bright and bold hues.

    Not sure where to start?  Check out the quick product review below. 

    • Go Girl Carrier X - A super sized, tote bag that includes a secure compartment right sized for a laptop or files of fun
    • Go Girl Mod - A mid-sized, versatile bag that is a perfect fit for any e-gear toting gal, mommy with a mission, or lady who loves a good bag
    • Go Girl Mini - A smaller sized, versatile bag that is just right for carrying the essentials, plus a little extra including a tablet or eReader
    • Fablets - Snug, secure, sleeves for laptops, mid-sized tablets, and smaller sized tablets  - pair with a Go Girl or use on its own