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    Just Like Mommy

    Every little girl wants to be just like mommy. And what's sweeter than a toddler sized bag that matches mommy's bag.

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    Go Girl Carrier

    The Go Girl Carrier™ is geared towards the on-the-go gal who isn’t afraid to make a statement and has e-gear, essentials, and all the extras to tote from here to there.

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    Fablets™ are for the tablets. KatPads are for the laptops. Padded sleeves in bold fun colors made for mid-sized and smaller sized tablets and moderate sized laptops. Fablets and KatPads stand alone or pair beautifully with Katina Go Girl Carriers.

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    Go Girl Mini

    The Go Girl Carrier Mini™ is a smaller sized, versatile bag that is just right for carrying the essentials, plus a little extra including a tablet or an eReader. Works well for day to night including errand running, toting toddler treats and to-do's around town, and that much deserved night out.

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    Go Girl Mod

    The Go Girl Carrier Mod™ is a mid-sized, versatile tote bag perfect for a variety of uses. The Mod is a great work bag that is big enough to carry a standard sized laptop plus all the day-to-day essentials. It's also wonderful for toting baby and mom gear too.

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